Necujam, the 1, 8 km long cove, is the biggest and the wealthiest, content wise, settlement on the island. In the time of the emperor Diocletian the cove – Piškera was the emperor’s fishpond „only 7-8 hours of rowing away”. As a remembrance to these times remains of the villas and fishpond walls stand even today. Today you can reach the settlement much quicker by ferry or catamaran until Rogac and then continue down the road until Necujam. Once there, on its long gravely beach you can find additional content such as showers, beach bars, water slides, fast food bars, tennis courts and ping pong tables or you can rent a boat. All day long a pine forest in the background provides natural shade where you can relax and enjoy. Also on the beach there is a disco Ćuvita which makes your stay more entertaining.